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Titicaca Lake Tour , Uros and Taquile Full day

Lake Titicaca "Stone Puma" is the highest navigable lake in the world at 3810 meters and the largest freshwater lake in Latin America. It covers over 8710 km ². Of which 5260 km ² are in Peru and 3,450 km ² to Bolivia and extends from northwest to southeast with 190 km. long and at its widest point is 80 km. With a narrow channel that separates the lake into two bodies, called Lago Menor or "Huiñay Brand" and Lake Maggiore "Chucuito"

Known as "Sacred Lake", Lake Titicaca is a wonderful attraction for nature lovers to enjoy an unforgettable view of the Cordillera Real de los Andes and the islands in the lake, so one can connect with nature.

Titicaca cradle of Andean civilization, populated by Aymara and Quechua Indians who still retain their own customs, traditions inherited from their ancestors.
This lake offers a varied fauna composed mainly of ducks, fish such as search, capache, mackerel and trout, among others.
Its flora is represented by 12 varieties of aquatic plants including cattails, the pondweed and duckweed. The lake has 36 islands, among the most important are those of Taquile and Amantani in Peruvian territory, and the islands of the Sun and Moon in Bolivian waters. The water temperature ranges from 10 ° C to 12 ° C.

Lago Titicaca Full Day

This tour is a full day to Lake Titicaca - Uros Islands and Taquile
Our local guide pick spent all our visitors from their hotels in Puno around 07:00 am and moved to the Port of Lake Titicaca in Puno port to start the tour and visit the following places:

Visit to the Uros Islands. Once we are in the small motorboat, start excursion to Lake Titicaca by visiting "The Uros Floating Islands," these are the small local communities, families, who have lived in the islands for many years cane . Centuries ago the small indigenous Uros tribe conceived of the islands as a way to isolate and protect themselves from rival tribes, the Collas and the Incas. The Uros people harvested the reeds in the shallows of the lake, wrapped tightly together and built floating island platforms wide enough to build their houses of bamboo and canoes, so they created their small islands.

With the help of our local guide, we will not only admire the way in which the inhabitants of Uros reed do everything, but we will also come to understand and learn more about their lifestyles and customs.

Then visit the Taquile Island. After strolling through the floating islands of Uros, we will go on a boat trip of 2 hours towards "Taquile Island." This natural island is a traditional Quechua speaking community, full of ancient agricultural terraces.

The Taquile population was relatively isolated from the mainland until 1950, hence the notion of "community and family" is still very strong among them. The weaving tradition of the local people goes back to the earliest civilizations and that is why people of Taquile maintains elements of pre-Inca Andean cultures alive in the present. All fabrics are made in pre-Inca Looms pedal. Most characteristic garments of this community of Lake Titicaca is called "Chullo", a knitted hat with an earflap, and "The calendar waistband," which represents the annual cycles connected to ritual and agricultural activities.

Once you get to the coast of the Island of Taquile, walk along a narrow path beautiful, enjoying stunning views of Lake Titicaca and beautiful houses inhabited by the direct descendants of the Inca culture along the way. At the top of the island, free time to explore on our own and then meet the group for lunch at a local family restaurant where we have a great cultural experience.

After the tour, we walk back to the harbor to take our boat back to Puno. We'll be back in Puno at approximately 17:00 hours. Transfer back to your hotel.

-Transfers: Hotel – Port - Hotel.
-Bilingual Guide.
-Entrance tickets.

TITICACA LAKE TOURS : Titicaca Lake Tour , Uros and Taquile Full day peru bolivia
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