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Our Slingshot or Catapult is the highest in the world. It becomes something like the reverse of the Bungee Jump.

The client user wears a body harness used a rope similar to Bungee jump, which is secured by a hand on the back of the harness user client and on the other side of the booth Jump Bungee jumps.

The client user is secured to the floor with a special anchorage while the elastic cord stretches as the house rises. Staff instructors regulates the stretching of the elastic cord in function of the speed with which the user wishes to be launched client (medium speed or high speed).

Once stretched the elastic cord to the desired level, is actuated by the "trigger" which frees the client user, leaving this shot into the air at a predetermined elevation angle by the technicians who designed the system.

Days and Hours:

- Monday to Friday from 9:00 am-1: 00pm / 1:30 pm-5:00 pm
- Saturday Closed for maintenance


-The order of jumps is in the order of arrival.
-We only accept space reservations 24 hours in advance

It is not recommended to use the Catapult in the following situations:

- Pregnancy
- Heart poblem
- Injuries to joints above or below
- Spinal injuries
- Pressure Problems

ADVENTURE TOURS : Slingshot or Catapult in Cusco
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